Not Only But Also

A hypothetical festival brochure. An experiment in radical imagination.


"Today I wrote a detailed critique of a non-existing movie. I described the three characters in a plot somehow violent, the particular acting and the precise camera movements. Maybe somebody will find it. Maybe somebody will look for the movie. Not finding it, somebody might do the remake. Or just the sequel: a place on the second floor that ignores the absence of the floor below and yet remains suspended".

'Not Only But Also' is a small book curated by Aleppo in the form of a hypothetical-festival brochure. What about to imagine a festival that did not happen, and the consequences and reflections it still unexpectedly generates?

'Not Only But Also' comes out from the "School of Exceptions", a temporary school on the space between norm and exception, curated by Aleppo in collaboration with the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies of Gießen and Santarcangelo Dei Teatri

Graphic conception and design: Marzia Dalfini.

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'Restorations', a bilingual book conceived by the project 'Back to the Order' as a reflection on the dynamics of the revolt, the use of its end, and its political narrative. At the 200th anniversary of the congress of Vienna, the concept of Restoration is taken out from a punctual position in History and it navigates throughout History as a drunken boat, or as a continuous force ready to re-emerge time and again. 


'Restoration' is a book with contributions of Ismail Fayed, Furio Jesi, Despina Panagiotopoulou, Alain Badiou, Dan Perjovschi, Silvia Bottiroli, Livia Andrea Piazza and Daniel Blanga Gubbay. Design and graphic Marzia Dalfini. 

All contributions are in English and in Arabic.

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'The real is overrated, my dear, so make up your own, and I’m sure that by the time we see each other, the catastrophic people of Arabia would have chosen you as their romantic poet. Until then, habibi, read first sentences, fuck, write and love'

On the occasion of
Nature, Aleppo commissioned a new novel to Beirut-based writer Raafat Majzoub. In this book, Majzoub starts from the translation of the Arabic word Tat'beeh into Normalization which literally translates to Naturalization in the context of the Arab-Israeli conflict. 
A novel where Nature no longer appears as a fixed idea opposed to fiction, rather as the instrument to rethink an overrated Real. 

Raafat Majzoub

العارية – Naked

published by Aleppo, september 2016



back to the order

published in march 2016